RPM Kingdom Builders Monthly Partnership Program



Join the RPM Monthly Membership Program before the end of May and get the upcoming ecourse that Pastor Peña is currently producing for FREE (ecourse available Summer of 2024). As a thank you for signing up during the launch of our Monthly Membership Program you will receive this $79 ecourse for FREE! Don’t miss out on this special promo and signup now!

Welcome to the RPM Kingdom Builders Monthly Partnership Program – Your Training Ground to Elevate Your Faith & Impact the World Around You!

Dive into a transformative journey with the RPM Kingdom Builders Monthly Partnership Program, designed by Ramiro Peña Ministries. This exclusive monthly membership goes beyond ordinary engagement, offering you a unique suite of spiritual tools, teachings, and support to deepen your faith and spiritual growth. Join the RPM Kingdom Builders Monthly Partnership Program and get trained by Pastor Peña and start building the Kingdom of God all around you.

As a Monthly Member, You Will Receive the Following each Month…

1) Exclusive Monthly Teachings (1st Monday of the Month): Immerse yourself in profound spiritual insights with special members-only monthly teachings from Pastor Ramiro Peña, designed to inspire, challenge, and elevate your faith journey. These teachings will be found nowhere else!

2) Monthly Q&A Sessions with Pastor Peña (2nd Monday of the Month): Have your specific questions answered directly by Pastor Peña in our intimate and enlightening monthly Q&A sessions. Gain deeper understanding and guidance in your faith as Pastor answers the questions submitted by our monthly members.

3) Monthly Faith Leaders Forum (3rd Monday of the Month): Be inspired by the journeys of other faith leaders from around the globe. These exclusive monthly discussions/interviews delve into the stories, challenges, and victories of other spiritual leaders, offering you a wealth of wisdom and encouragement.

4) Monthly Bible Memorization Challenge (4th Monday of the Month): Strengthen your spiritual foundation by taking our Bible Memorization Challenge. Each month, download a specially designed Bible memory verse card and receive valuable instructions and tips from Pastor Peña on memorizing the verse of the month. It’s a powerful way to embed God’s Word in your heart and live out the Bible.

5) Custom Biblical Declaration & Prayer Generator (Access this site Weekly): Access our innovative online tool that generates for you a daily personalized prayer and declaration with your family members name automatically included. Empower the spiritual practice of prayer and declaration with Biblical words that bring life, blessing, and protection over your family and loved ones. 

6) Access to Pastor Peña’s Entire Preaching Library: Dive into over a decade of divine wisdom with unrestricted access to Pastor Peña’s preaching library from his international television ministry. This treasure trove of spiritual guidance offers profound insights and sermons that have touched lives around the globe. 

8) Early Access & Discounts to Future RPM eCourses, Books & Ministry Projects: Be the first to receive sneak peeks and early access to Pastor Peña’s upcoming writings and projects. Members get an exclusive discount and first look at the wisdom and teachings that are being prepared for future release.

Join the RPM Kingdom Builders Monthly Partnership Program Today

Step into a calling that transcends the ordinary. With the RPM Kingdom Builders Monthly Partnership Program, you’re not just joining a program; you’re embracing a mission to deepen your faith, connect with a vibrant community, and actively engage in building God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Let’s journey together to elevate our vision, deepen our faith, and impact the world with the love and wisdom of Christ. Sign up today for only $35 a month and start getting trained by Pastor Peña to be a powerful builder of the Kingdom of God in the world around you.